So how did this all start?! Here’s the story…..

I was working as a nurse consultant for an internationally known long term care pharmacy making an excellent salary with great benefits. Fast forward about a decade and the nursing job had turned into more of a sales job. That being said, I was killing it as a sales person, winning awards for top sales numbers. But things were changing at home too. We had 7 children and I was feeling called to be at home, to be a farmer’s wife, a Mom, a Grandma… but how could we afford for me to quit my job?

I had always been somewhat frugal and old-fashioned but had gotten away from some of the frugal habits due to time constraints from working away from home. I pushed myself to go into full frugal mode while working just to see if we could survive on one income. I  decided to go back to my roots and do what Grandma had always done – make it yourself or do without.

One of the first things I made was laundry detergent. With a family of 9, this saved us tons of money! Next homemade soap, then deodorant, then shampoo, and the list kept growing. I was saving money but this still wasn’t enough to justify me quitting my job. My sister suggested that I sell some of my creations. I was doubtful and my sister quickly reminded me of my sales ability with my “day job” and convinced me to give it a try. I made up 10 buckets of laundry soap and posted it on a local Facebook “sell” site. I received 150+ orders the first night! I was on to something. If people would buy my laundry soap would they buy my other products? Turns out they would and Grandma Bea’s Natural Products began!

This has been quite a journey and has grown into more than just a product-based business. I am so passionate about the goodness of natural homemade products, herbals and saving money and truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with others in hopes that they too can find the same financial freedom and personal gratification that I have been so blessed to discover.